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If you are suffering from pinched nerve or compressed then this Doctors recommended device can help you.

| neck and back pain relief product. Natural and drugs free.

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Many people are suffering from chronic neck pain as a result of long term physical stress, whiplash, poor posture, or computer work.

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Using a neck traction device can help ease the pain effectively and with no side effects.

It easy to get a neck pain treatment at home with ChiSoft neck device.Cervical traction was conducted in a sitting position, as generally done in a hospital.For an affordable solution to relieve pain from an injury, you need the cervical collar support from Vive.The NeckPro II Over the Door Cervical Traction Device was designed by a board certified Emergency Medicine doctor to help treat neck pain with the use of an easy at home traction device.The Air Cervical Neck Traction Device is a product that INSTANTLY relieves acute and chronic pains by gently stretching and relaxing the your shoulder and neck.

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Shop latest cervical neck traction device online from our range of Massaging Neck Pillowws at, free and fast delivery to Australia.Constant neck pain is a challenge that many people face in silence especially if they have tried various remedies with no success.Place the ChiSoft Unit around your neck and fasten nylon strap at the front.

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Neck pain and shoulder pain are some of the common consequences of our changing lifestyle.For neck traction, an air-inflatable neck traction device (Diskwell, Eunsung Inc., Korea) was used and a mercury manometer (CK-101, Sprit Inc., Taiwan) was connected to the traction device for remodeling so that the traction force could be measured.

When its impossible to get to sleep, I highly recommend checking out the inflatable variety.The ComforTrac Home Cervical Traction Device provides unparalleled traction therapy and is an alternative to long-term clinical care and for some, an alternative to surgery.

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Neck stretching devices, also known as neck traction devices, are great tools for stretching the muscles and ligaments around the neck and relieving pressure between the cervical vertebrae.

This Neck traction was designed and developed for the prevention and treatment of cervical vertebral disease, Based on the air -Traction, Neck Traction allows for deep neck muscle relaxation.

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Relief of tension, muscles spasms, stress and pressure in the neck, shoulders, head and cervical vertebral area.Review massager machines, back stretcher, neck stretcher, lumbar support, air leg massager.Check out these gorgeous cervical neck traction device at DHgate Canada online stores, and buy cervical neck traction device at ridiculously affordable prices.

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Neck traction devices are used to relieve the pain brought about by spasms of the neck muscles or compression of the nerve roots.

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Adjust the inflation of the product to reach the most comfortable level.Neck traction (also known as cervical traction) devices are a form of neck and spine therapy that can be performed by a physical therapist or at home on your own.

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Your new traction device is designed to provide safe and effective traction (stretching) to the cervical region (neck.).

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Just as the name suggests, over-the-door cervical traction devices require a sturdy door to hang on and safely use.The Best Neck Stretching Devices For Instant Pain Relief Neck stretching devices, also known as neck traction devices, are great tools for stretching the muscles and ligaments around the neck and relieving pressure between the cervical vertebrae.The Cervical Traction is used for loading and unloading cycles that reestablish motion in the neck and upper spine, hydrates discs and prepares for restoration of spinal curves.

At our Phoenix pain clinic neck traction may help you avoid surgery.If your neck hurts, you can build your own neck traction device with a towel and a rope.With the ChiSoft Neck Traction Deluxe you get a soothing relief.Cervical traction devices relieve neck and shoulder pain associated with conditions like herniated or bulging discs, impact injuries, cervical neck spasms, and arthritis.Since 1982, more than 40,000 health care professionals have chosen the Saunders Cervical Traction units as the best in their class.

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